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Nanlina started a new discussion, Profit isn't made by A good deal of folks. I have a partner that asked him straight up if people made a profit and conducts customers bot farm servers and he explained most of the time no. I'm not saying in case the aim isn't to make profit that is BS, but run a bot farm? Just to destroy RuneScape for everyone else? I don't get it.Yeah they are not doing it out of spite but have extra resources and are trying to make a profit. This happens from individuals with scripts that are personal. They will occasionally pay thousands of bucks for something that they know will not make enough money to break even and makes cash. That's part of the issue. It is so simple for people to think botting will create a profit which attracts people to doing it. How profitable is water? 20k/hr? F2p running 100 accounts, so 2m/hr roughly. That's not bad at all considering this farm is automated and keeps earning robots as one has banned.How do they get the gold out of the bots for their mains without jagex just following the"paper trail" and banning them too? Seems like it would not be worth the risk, unless they're just RWT'ing off it on throwaway account asap.Not that a goldfarmer so a few of my advice may be off but I am pretty certain they don't utilize"mains". They move a gold-selling mule who does the trades the gp. Provided that you do not have too much gp on a single mule at once, it is not a big deal if one has banned.Didn't RS3 do so with mining stone spirits? And it totally flopped? Can somebody explain why this could be different.OSRS has competition for resources. Stone Spirits flopped because of a blend of Mining being pure AFK, boss drop tables not being rebalanced to the new tiers, and no competition for mining resources meaning stupid amounts of ore were entering RuneScape and rendering stone spirits meaningless.Stone spirits were likewise meaningless since the alch value for ores and pub equivalents dropped so much. There was an ore surplus, but it is hard to expect them to maintain worth when ore's worth is based only on smithing xp, creation components, along with a fraction (1/2 or 1/4) of a pub's alch value that's also much lower than it was. They did make smithables d/a for more parts tho. In OSRS, the change of op benefits individuals that are looking and bots, at the cost of a design of bossing that provides recuperates supplies and profit. Some people like the nightmare drop table don't. It implies that the main reason for this is because people will want to pvm when they state because uniques will increase in price, bossing will receive rewarding. Or it means they will eliminate money chasing uniques, so they'll go skill to stay afloat I guess. So they can go ability idk if that is good game design either to encourage folks to stop participating in something they like. Eliminating all skilling supply drops from all bosses so skillers can create more profit from afk methods with no learning curve or attention demanded is questionable. It would have the effect of making skilling things more profitable, making skilling profitable, which should not be the moneymaker anyways. Because people are terrified of changing the game, mat K was referring more to the desire to vote NO to some concepts in content. He explained that he feels RuneScape kind of needs something"large" to change up the core gameplay, and he is absolutely sure that it would only get like 68 percent yes votes so and be denied a chance to shine because a small portion of the playerbase is holding it backagain. RuneScape will not evolve beyond what it's, because anytime new content is suggested that invalidates the achievements of an older group of people can not be proposed because they'll spitefully vote. PvP updates can't truly be resolved in, because individuals that aren't PvPers will spitefully vote no to it as revenge from run-ins with a community. in Nanlina group
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