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Rating: 3.31/5 - 8808 Giocate
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Genre: Strategy,Defense

Your task in this futuristic defense game is to defend the sectors of G10 by building towers with the single robot. Capture the opponents base to win each level.



Move your robot with WASD or ARROW KEYS. To capture a base, move your ship-robot near it. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT-CLICK to build towers after selecting them from the wrench icon. Move your ship over minerals to collect them and then bring the resources to your base. You fail the mission if your ship dies.
Your quest in this strategic fighting game is to retrieve the sky harbor in a cool tug of war defense game. Build camps, train troops, collect gold, use magic powers and upgrade your technology.



-2 #8 fancykm 2012-06-24 10:54
#7 Ragnar 2012-05-18 21:44
This is an potentially excellent game 3/5
#6 fergusferret 2011-11-18 15:52
strange game with potential as has been said but way too steep a difficulty curve from one level to another.., It has been all said before except that there are a few of the enemy that seem to be ignored by the towers and they killed my towers and my robot on level 2... 3/5 with a possibility it could go up if the issues are solved.
#5 oops 2011-10-10 05:59
ok. has lots of potential but has lots of problems. 1. theres a button that does nothing. really dude? really? 2. the targeting system for the towers is just plain awful. 3. between one level and the next the difficulty increases by an outrageous amount. fix these issues and add some more levels and it would be great
#4 harrier0 2011-10-09 14:43
I like it but impossibly difficult in latter stages, just needs a little more polish to make it more interesting. 3/5
+1 #3 Figsak 2011-10-08 20:26
Very unique and fun game idea. It gets a bit ridiculous towards the end, difficulty-wise, and it is a bit short. A longer game with a more lengthy difficulty curve would be great.

3/5 stars
#2 Danqazmlp 2011-10-06 20:47
As Zman said, some form of upgrading the ship would be great, as well as units for your faction too. Good game though, except I got stuck on the second to last level.
+1 #1 TheZman 2011-10-06 16:45
I like the graphics and the animation, it was a little hard to figure it out at first. Things this game lacks (to be an epic RTS) Backstory, mobile allied units, ship upgrading system, tutorial, in-game music, and a little bit of customization.

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