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Rating: 3.58/5 - 6735 Giocate
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Genre: Adventure-Rpg

An evil force known as the Shadow threatens your kingdom, and it's up to you to save the day. Interact with characters, fight monsters, gain abilities, and equip items that you pick up.



Keyboard. In-game tutorial.




-1 #2 fergusferret 2016-05-06 12:55
this was the inspiration for the hands of war series. lots of the stuff in this were used for that game and it is now considered to be part of that series despite it not being so :D

nice game play and nice upgrades available. lots of inspiration for the following series.

#1 earth 2016-05-04 22:01
same old game as hands of war etc but still nice game, plot is usual kill/destroy/find this and that etc, plenty to do and alot various skills and big play area, old graphics (game is over 6 years old) but they do their job and decent sounds and nice music.

overall old game but still playable (not that much options in flash rpgs) and this (and hows) have nice plots and alot to do.

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