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Rating: 1.83/5 - 4309 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Protect the base because that's the only place you can find the Unobtanioum Stone. Kill all the enemies that will dare go your tower!






#4 massimone 2016-09-28 21:17
Ti piace vincere facile eh....
+1 #3 Jairone 2016-09-03 07:25
Bugged games get 1/5. 1/5.

Not bad for the genre otherwise.
+1 #2 fergusferret 2016-09-03 02:58
bugs in this game make a random level stop part way through. for me it was level 6 and level 8 but i managed to sort it by quitting and then restarting the game. save is automatic so nothing lost but the level really .. monsters are counted and such so no real disadvantage with the bug.., rather it has the advantage of giving you gold and achievements for the part level you played and as such makes the game way too easy to be a real contender of any score over 2 in my estimation. I would love to see a new game that is not bugged, plays well and is not in the idle genre.

#1 earth 2016-09-02 19:33
nice defend the base game otherwise but stage 7 is bugged since enemies (cannon fodder) stop coming after halfway making game propably un-finishable (didn't bother to try if quitting works), 3 defenders with different attacks and 4 summons to be used for a short time, nice graphs etc.

overall nice and easy defending game but due stage 7 bug game gets low score.

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