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Rating: 2.18/5 - 6093 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Fast-paced strategy game featuring Tower Defense elements and retro graphics, unlock units and towers to use in combat.



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




#3 earth 2013-07-06 20:11
crappy capture base game but idea is ok, easy game (at leasr 1st 2 levels) once gets 2 or more solar panels and 2 towers, crappy units (at least in beginning) but they do their job, money given after level is nice but nowhere high enuf to buy upgrades quickly, crappy graphics but they do their job and nicish sounds and music.

overall crappy game but still somewhat playable, quite boring due not much to do except send units and build solar panbels and def towers.
#2 Jairone 2013-07-06 15:41
Hmmm... a very poorly standard base spam game indeed. The tower idea might not be bad, but is so poorly done that it might as well have been skipped.
Balance is a huge issue here. Unit balance is fairly poor, but at least the endgame units are undeniably the best. The lack of ability to plan really hurts the ai, and the player can make combos that are far too powerful by comparison... making the game too easy.
Difficulty is very easy, excepting level 5. Level 5 forces the player to buy a new unit, but after that the progress felt natural (aiming for mid to endgame after that one purchase.)
The level selection recordings are annoying. If the game had used a new one for each level, that would have been a cool addition. Instead I got very tired of hearing 'We don't want to scare...' Also, the start of level air raid siren is annoying.
Base hp seems to upgrade infinitely *No limit was found using cheat mode funds over 100k hp.*
Towers are completely useless. Even the basic tower costs far too much to build, given that a solar panel in the same spot gives multiple units compared to the one tower. To make this even worse, even the midgame units are tough enough to make a tower killing them take a long time. The final tower is powerful (1 shot kills), but lacks either aoe or a fast enough fire rate to give it value.
Finally, the bazooka is very op depending on use. I like the fact that it is more powerful if used wisely. It does make the towers even less valuable, however. *If you use the bazooka in a massive sure against enemies near your base, the shots will continue down the lane and hit the enemy base. Remember to shield them with a tough unit or two before spamming.*
2/5 is right for this game. It plays, but is a poor game overall.
#1 fergusferret 2013-07-06 10:56
yet another bog standard tower defence with little or no real difficulty in it and yet less to make you want to play further than the first few levels as no real upgrades available and only way to progress in upgrade is to buy new units. The base can be upgraded but all that does is adds health to the building and nothing more.

new units are expensive after the first few and may take a lot of levels to upgrade. one good aspect (of a sort) is that you cannot spam older levels for cash.

all in all a pretty poor example of the tower defence genre


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