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Rating: 2.70/5 - 6579 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

This is a brand new epic tower defense game that will have you hooked for hours. Start off with just a couple of towers and try to defend the castle. Different towers and upgrades will affect enemies differently so be careful what you set up, try to find a good strategy to take out each wave. This game has some sweet graphics and a ton of content.



Mouse. In-Game Tutorial.




-1 #4 fergusferret 2013-03-29 17:35
not the best of tower defence games out there.., in fact nowhere near that level. whilst the game may actually give just enough cash to increase the towers and levels it lacks a certain finesse. this is a rather boring standard tower defence.

I have to agree with all the previous comments.

-1 #3 DMs choice 2013-03-29 10:42
Awww, nooo! Another one for the list of "Games NOT to suggest"!
Yes, it is really beautifully made, and a lot of effort has obviously been put into it, but if you played it for a while, you will notice that it seems to be half-done at best.
My main issue is that the levels are really frustrating and that it is seemingly of no use to play a level again once you finally won it. The resources problem is a real problem here, for if monster go past your defenses you can do nothing but watch in despair.
What I want to say with this: This game needs some in-between upgrades and some free emergency measurement, like a fireball or something, to at least have a chance to stop a bunch of monsters that got past. (For you won't have money to build emergency towers!)

Then, some wave informations would be really cool. If nothing else, some lore about the monsters I'm shooting at, for they look really cool and interesting.
A few "facts" about the critters would bring the game really to life.
-1 #2 Jairone 2013-03-28 21:46
The game has a few major areas to improve, that is for sure. I do like some of the ideas, like the tower conversions. I don't like the lack of a zoom option. In fact, I don't like that about many flash games... but oh well.
I don't mind the lack of a stage info bar, it feels more realistic (to be honest, you shouldn't always know!)
I don't like the reset of speed up when a new wave is released.
The new features are nice (conversion, building animations, and the random clickable stuff on levels) but are not enough to make up for some of the lacking items. Outside the tower swap and building animations it seems like a very generic TD game with decent graphics. Meh, seen that before.
3/5. Not impressed in particular, but it is a solid game of averageness in the genre.
-1 #1 earth 2013-03-28 21:20
very nice td game with some new ideas, same thing as most of other td games is lack of money to build decent defense early, quite basic towers which can be upgraded (if has money) and some towers can be changed from ground attacks to aerial attacks but that takes bit time, 1 tower doesn't do damage only slows enemies which isn't nice, bit big areas to be covered with only few towers (due lack of money), no info what kind of enemies come next which games game harder, very nice graphics and nice sounds, difficult is bit high even on normal.

overall very nice and well made game but more money given wouldn't hurt, bit basic towers with new graphics and non-damaging towers are ftl.

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