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Rating: 2.05/5 - 7442 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Rts

You are now assigned to be a commander and your mission is to defend the space station from enemy attacks! Take a critical task of saving your base in space from enemy fighter ships in this out of this world real-time strategy game. Develop your own base and summon your fighter spaceships at your side to defend your base. Your enemies will come at waves so you better be prepared before they attack. If your fighter spaceships are not enough, build some turrets near your base so anyone who dares enter your zone will surely turn to pieces. Can we rely on you in keeping our base in one piece?



Mouse (In-Game Tutorial).




#4 fergusferret 2015-04-04 20:57
this is doggy doodoo wrapped in silver paper... the game doesn't recognise I have the latest version of flash mine updates automatically so it has to be related to my mac system that it doesn't like :-)

with looking at the comments before I will just say that wasd only controls get a low rating but with no access to the game at all I give it a lower rating than jairone did

#3 TheZman 2013-03-11 02:00
The controls are very starcraft. The game is great, for an online game anyway. Professionally done. Unfortunately, I've played many space-themed RTS games and this one doesn't really stick out.
+1 #2 Jairone 2013-03-06 21:57
Controls become annoying quickly. Clicking on a single unit that is over a base building is annoying as all get out!
Scrolling could use arrow keys, minus points for locking to wasd only.
Harvesters are very much a needed item, and should be a priority build early.
Game is almost reliant on premium content near the end. First 5 missions are super easy, then the last two are super hard due to premium unlockable.
The game is short, with only 7 levels, and has no time speed up features.
2/5, with a lot of potential dragged down by unlockables and lack of content.
+1 #1 earth 2013-03-06 21:07
defend the base and destroy enemy but with what money? 1st mission is difficult due player basically has empty wallet all the time and player is supposed to build more fighters (basic fighters since heavy costs too much) and miners and turrets but doesn't get money for those (each miner brings enuf money to build 1 fighter), very nice graphics with ok sounds and some crappy music.

overall ok game but difficult is too high due player lacks resources unlike enemy (1st mission I had 6 fighters and enemy sent 40 fighters). Didn't bother to try 2nd mission if game gets better (doubt it).

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