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Rating: 1.56/5 - 5058 Plays
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Genre: RPG , Adventure

Being sent for milk is not a simple task, when you live in a world filled with evil, magical frogs and fireball-throwing ants. Frog Fable is a bullet-hellish action-RPG set in fantasy world, in which your only weapon is inflating things until they blow up.






#2 fergusferret 2016-11-26 19:05
not too bad a game once you get used to how it works and as you go along you get gems to play with upgrading your character so he fires those bubbles a lot faster and the energy bar gets faster as it gets used up for a single button. you need that speed and the speed to move around a lot as well. main aim is to keep firing and find the npc characters that help with making you last longer. the end is a mad person making the frogs and other monsters.

playable, slow to start with but upgrades make you faster. downsides are the speed at the beginning and the lack of idea what or where you need to go, including after you have been to town.

#1 earth 2016-11-25 21:04
frogs belong to frying pan not into game. this game seems to be endless battle against bubbleshooting frogs (bubble bobble :P), player can improve char a bit but sadly that doesn't include char's bubbledmg so killing frogs etc stays difficult (dunno about later since I gave up bit after entering town), nicish graphs etc.

overall decent game otherwise but endless battling against frogs etc (deads don't say dead if leaves battlearea) is stupid since eventually char dies unless grinds 4 upgradable stats to max and that's utterly rdiculous and boring.

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