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Rating: 2.50/5 - 5564 Plays
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Genre: RPG , Strategy

A story about an intern tour guide named Greg who randomly traveled to another dimension where gladiator spirits are trapped. Guided by General Gaius, the protector, Greg must go to the lowest levels of the Colosseum to find a way back to our realm.



Explained in-game




#3 Jairone 2016-11-19 04:05
Game isn't bad, and the space issue is solved by selling nicely... but it is stupidly grindy/painful to defeat the boss at the end. As in grind to maximize skills, fight with fleeing and enough gold to slowly kill the boss, and don't screw it up.
2/5 for the working game, with a very flawed ending.
#2 fergusferret 2016-11-17 19:20
a game that plays well but all you do to increase your battle levels and defences get very very expensive as you go along and if you find you are running out of space on the alrat.., tough luck. that is all the space you are getting and there is no way to sell anything to make space available.

get down a level and then get your damage upgraded fast, followed closely by your maximum health. the pick a style and try to follow it as you go along. the game suggests 3 making an upgrade but try 4 and see how that helps. the extra unit gives a special which can also be upgraded but again that needs 4 spaces per unit in the 4 then.

all in all it plays well but gets frustrating later in the game as you run tight on space and there is no way to revert to less units. that flaw makes the points go down. this would be a solid game if there was a way to remove units not required

#1 earth 2016-11-16 21:29
nice game otherwise but combining is made bit too difficult since some items are common and some are rarish making different elementals difficult to beat, alot enemies to kill and stuff to collect, nice graphs etc.

overall nice game but getting needed items to be combined seems to be lottery and no clear indication if item b is better than item a.

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