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Rating: 1.73/5 - 8421 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle, Collect

Draw line trajectory to destroy all circles!



Mouse only.




#4 earth 2014-09-02 20:30
total bs, no way to control ink so passing level depends totally on luck and that makes passing level impossible, nice graphics and music and not much sounds.

overall not that bad idea but no control what line does makes game totally unplayable (I passed lvl 3 by a sheer luck).
#3 MisterD 2014-09-02 20:23
A slightly unusual pen-based puzzle game.

Draw ink lines using a pen to clear the coloured circles without touching the black ones.

Once you understand that the "ink" moves around in repeating patterns it kind of makes sense.

It's clearly well thought out and the graphics are quite smart, but the game itself is actually ... dull.

I lost interest.

#2 fergusferret 2014-09-02 08:36
draw a line but do not touch any bubbles as they soak the line up. the line follows the path you draw so can curve or go straight, can also do right angles or any other angle as long as you draw it but the line then has to pass through bubbles and not touch any blacks. There are a few blacks later in the game.

not that good a puzzle game but as jairone suggests, it is better off in the junk.

#1 Jairone 2014-09-02 00:24

If you are going to make a game, at least make sure it works. Level 1 colored circles are absorbing the line like a black hole should. This belongs in the junk pile.

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