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Rating: 3.44/5 - 9804 Plays
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Genre: Adventure

You wake up in a vat of green goo. This is how your latest escape begins. Who are you? Where are you? What is going on here?!?!



Mouse, Point&Click.

Use your mouse cursor to construct buildings, select troops, give orders and more. Read the ingame tutorial for a more detailed instruction about this advanced side-view strategy flash game.



#5 DMC 2016-04-02 03:57
Good story plot, enjoyable game just a little too quick to complete. Since this is a series I give it a 3/5
-1 #4 Ragnar 2012-05-16 22:27
Simple 3/5
-1 #3 fergusferret 2012-05-04 21:12
lots of good stuff in this game. lots to find and lots to do in such a short game. very atmospheric

#2 harrier0 2012-02-15 15:09
Not a bad point and click adventure. Good atmosphere and not too dark which is a plus. Just a few puzzles, so quite short.3/5
-1 #1 karen0gaara 2011-04-30 02:02

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