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Rating: 2.56/5 - 5987 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, RPG

It's been a little over seven years since the events of JUGGERNAUT: Awakening and Aura has spent that time seeking answers. In the time between, he's learned of another ordeal involving a young girl being kidnapped by a machine and he's convinced that there's a lot more to be uncovered. He's happened upon a lead that steers him to the town of Hart in order to find a man named Dagon. This man supposedly has a similar story to tell, maybe they can find the answers they're looking for if they work together? Elsewhere, the Juggernauts have been unleashed. What could this mean for the world as they know it? Nothing too bad, right?



- Arrows/WASD to move - Mouse to interact with various things - Space/Enter to open and the menu




#2 earth 2014-07-03 20:21

otherwise nice retro-rpg but enemies are too powerful (due no healing between battles) and there's no way to avoid battles (can try to flee but dunno if that works), basically game is grind and grind early part of forest until has like 1000 health (and maybe ability to hit multiple targets) and after 2-3 battles needs to goto inn to get full health, nice retro graphics and sounds and music.

overall could be nice rpg but no way to avoid battles and no healing between battles means game is difficult (getting out of forest is task itself), very stupid thing is that saving is possible only in town.
#1 fergusferret 2014-07-03 09:57
over powered enemies with no way to see where they are to even avoid them. attacks are pretty useless in the beginning. no way to uograde your guys unlesss you pay a lot and you get little to no cash for killing enemies. quests are lame with one that says go to a place that you are unable to get to. all in all a poorly thought out game with a very thought out back story.

sorry folks but this is crap.


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