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Rating: 2.67/5 - 3590 Plays
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Genre: Action , Other

Taking the offer of a mysterious person on the phone, you now find yourself navigating the winding paths of a strange, empty otherworld. These paths soon take you to a new world filled with danger, robots, and a job with intentions that are yet to be known.



Controls are listed by mousing over the controller symbol on the top right corner of the game screen. There’s also a volume toggle symbol in the same location. A new feature for this game is that the controls are now configurable! They can be set in the options menu on the title screen.




#2 fergusferret 2016-12-10 00:41
some nice bits of humour in this one with the robots not knowing what a human looks like. not seen the first of this series so cannot say if this is better or not yet. I will be looking out for it though.

#1 earth 2016-12-09 20:45
weird but nice adventure game, player wanders around and solves different kind of puzzles to advance on plot, nicish graphs and decent music although way too faint.

overall not bad presenter of genre.

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