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Hi Survivor, we invite you to a unique experience, half-way between a last stand against the undead and a mixture of the most advanced tactics.

Before you even start the game you can access the options screen from the main menu and set your preferences, sound effects, music and quality. You can also see your achievements.



001 Starting the game

Good, now it's time to start! Once you start the game, you'll be taken to a screen where you can set your difficulty. WARNING: the game is hard, don't be a hero and start on hardcore right away! We strongly recommend normal or easy difficulty for the first game: the difficulty affects the starting bonuses and some little tweaks in the game.

If you have a previously saved game you can continue by loading it. If you forgot to save there is an autosave file which will let you continue from where you left.


The battle field


002 The Battlefield

All the battlefield is interactive. It contains slowing down terrain, normal terrain and many objects that your soldiers may use. Here are the most important ones :

-RELOAD: each gun uses ammo. When all the ammo run out your soldier will automatically run to the nearest ammunition crate for a refill.

-HEAL: when you see that a soldier has low health we recommend that you select him and order him to go to a medikit. He will stay there until he is healed and then he will go back to combat.

-LOOT: loot is probably one of the most important actions in the game next to reload. You cannot live without the money to buy better equipment. You can put soldiers to loot this money crates and to have a constant income of money.

-QUEST OBJECTS:Your main quest in this game is to fix the car and get out of the infected city as soon as possible. In order to do that you must put soldiers to fix the car and then find spare parts from other cars on the map and use them to fix your vehicle.

-TAKE COVER: If you put your soldiers behind barricades or cars or other objects, when ranged enemies are shooting in their direction they will have a 50% chance of missing them and hit the barricade instead.

-OPTIONAL: these are secrets for the player to find. We can say only this : there's a turret up ahead that can help you each time you fix it and a forgotten rooftop radar somewhere that can give you intel about full teams and minimaps.


The shop


003 Shop

Here you can buy the latest equipment to use against the hordes of undeads. From pistols,rifles, and shotguns to armors, and state of the art exo-skeletons and equipment. Be careful, they all have their own stats,as an example:

RIFLES: much ammo, small dmg, big range, fast fire rate, expensive(good when ranged enemies come)

SHOTGUNS: few ammo, big dmg, small range but large area of effect,slow fire rate, normal prices(good for ambush and for zombie crowds, better take 1 at the beginning of the game)

PISTOLS: decent ammo, small dmg, normal range,normal fire rate, very cheap(balanced weapon, preferred by the looters)

ARMORS: some armors give bonuses to ammunition size, protection, accuracy, speed, but some of them can also give penalties to speed or accuracy

ITEMS: additional stats bonuses




004 Recruts

Recruits are randomly generated. Be careful when you buy one because the more soldiers you have, the less each of them will kill, meaning that you will get less experience for level-up. The fewer kills per soldier you have, the more xp you earn.


Level Up


005 LvL up

That`s right, this is not your standard tower defense game: here you can make many things and apply many tactics. Each soldier has 3 main skills and 6 main stats that are affected by the skills you invest points in. You can see each stat and skill bonuses by holding your mouse over them. We will just have a look at the main uses of the skills:

STRENGTH: lets you use shotguns and armors and affect aggressive skills such as damage

AGILITY: lets you use rifles and affects speed skills

INTELLECT: lets you use pistols and affects looting skills and accuracy




006 Building-upgrades

Buildings are optional here. You can upgrade the secret buildings such as turret and radar and you can build barricades on a 2 line area. Barricades will be good when ranged zombies spawn to give your soldiers protection, or when you have a few soldiers and swarms of zombies come, they will slow them down.


The Action


007 The Action

You're in the zone now, act smart, we recommend that the first thing you do is to put a soldier to loot for money and the others to protect him. After you have some solid soldier start fixing that car captain, because you have a deadline before the bombs start dropping on the city.

Good luck !