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King's Island is a hack'n'slash action rpg game that uses a simple point and click system.

Protagonist of this crazy journey is the short-tempered Kaptivo, a bearded muscle man and former poacher who is forced against his will to face dangerous and funny situations in a world ruled by war, falsehood, beer, magic, women, undeads, mad cows, madness, false good guys, false bad guys, puffed dragons, ugly elves, handsome dwarves, and many many more!
The series take its name after the first episode, set on an island belonging to King Maleficus, where a group of ferocious farmers has started a strange revolt...

However, Kaptivo's journey is only at the beginning when for the first time he sets foot on the King's Island...

If you want fight with rage and irony against false good, if you want to knock down hordes of furious, nutty enemies, if you want to cry to the moon during the day and break down your mouse with you clicks, enter now the crazy world of King's Island!

The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features:

  • Action-RPG game;
  • A new Rpg Battle System;
  • A deep and involving Storyline set in an incredible, exhilarating World;
  • Kaptivo has many characteristics that you can manage and upgrade;
  • Incredible spells;
  • Hordes of Different Enemies;
  • Hours and Hours of pure Hack'n Slash and RPG fun!