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Rating: 3.07/5 - 7826 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

Battle Sails is a turn-based strategy game in which you lead one of the four largest European powers during the Golden Age of Piracy. Your goal is simple: conquer the Caribbean. Manage your regions by building fortresses to defend them from your enemies, merchant ships to increase revenue and warships to invade other territories. But beware, your opponents are all doing the same! Sign or break peace treaties with them at your convenience. Diplomacy these days can be very unreliable...



Tutorial provided in-game. Mouse to navigate and control.




#3 fergusferret 2015-10-25 18:57
nice looking strategy game but for the battles I have yet to find I could fire and then move. biggest disadvantage is that the AI is able to make practically all the ships you must wait and research at some distant time, whilst finding that battles are won or lost due to small bugs in the movement and firing mechanics

#2 earth 2015-10-15 19:49
nice sea-themed strategy game otherwise but relies bit too much on conquering early as many countries as possible and in that fails a bit since even if has more than 1 ship in country then can't send those on more than 1 country at a time and that country needs to be neighbor, few nations to be choosed to be played, better ships need to be researched (takes time which player might not have) and also few civilian techs and military techs can be researched besides better ships, nicish graphs etc.

overall nice game but it has few flaws.
#1 MisterD 2015-10-15 12:58
For a browser-based strategy game, this is not bad at all.

Overall the game is well implemented and it's easy to play. The battles can be a bit slow, but you get used to it.

Hint: On the battle map you can fire cannons first, then move next to an enemy ship and then use the boarding attack as well. This effectively gives you 2 attacks for the same ship on the same turn.

It hooked me in and I played it to completion in normal mode. I'll be back to try hard mode later.

Definitely worth a look if you like strategy battle games.


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