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Rating: 3.35/5 - 12048 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Pilot a Mech to defend your home from zombies.



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




#4 schastslifchik 2015-01-20 18:55
глупость какая-то. пишет, что могу продать пушку за 200 апов, а продаёт за 10. ну понятно, что продать дешевле, но зачем на ценнике врать? и где теперь начать заново? я не хочу весь кэш обнулять. обидно вощем.
#3 fergusferret 2013-07-18 08:43
played this elsewhere and it is a nice little game with lots of upgrades and you can grind (or spam) the levels to upgrade your stuff to a level that makes it a walk through if you want to. this will however take a very long time indeed even with the cash so readily available in game.

3 is as high as I can go though as while there is a lot of cash... the difficulty is a bit low for the most part. I am not too sure if this is a clone or there are clones out there but it has been around a while so who knows.

#2 earth 2013-07-15 20:13
same old game with bit different graphics, build towers and make enemies walk as long distance as possible while getting shot, lookslike money isn't problem for once, no idea if towers can be upgraded (didn't bother to play long since this is basically same game as others with same defender), some enemies fly and some walk and some are big and tough which makes building efficient defence difficult, due some brainfart that if protected stuff (pearl?) gets moved it doesn't get returned to base even after thief is killed, still nice graphics with ok sounds and music.

overall nice game but this has been seen several times before and no any new gimmick in this, somebody might like this but not me.
#1 Jairone 2013-07-15 20:06
Loading took forever.
The game looks generic in terms of enemies. They just don't look particularly zombie-like. Just picking on the description here, but...
The game does have some depth, although it lacks a good explanation of that depth. The player has to play around between levels on their own to learn about unlocking additional towers and buying better gear. These are different than the skill unlocks, and with that in consideration the game need a much better tutorial.
I have seen other games pull off just about everything here, but it all does add up to a fairly nice interactive TD game with a lot of upgrade depth and choices. Just looking at upgrades a mix of slowing and missile/artillery seems very powerful compared to the others, although the crit rate on the starter towers is still decent. Balance may be a little off, but not badly like in so many other games.
The TD aspect seems rather low, as most maps force you to avoid long mazes. The game seems more focused on getting things done quickly.
'C' is the 'premium' currency of the game, earned by leveling up and/or doing the missions. This is useful for premium shop items, buying new mechs, and the power ups in the inventory screen (in the hanger, part of the missing stuff from that tutorial.)
I really wish the game had a drop system of some sort from bosses, to give players a bonus... whether it be 'C' or some sort of items.
Those who like a grindy TD game will probably enjoy this, I feel like it is just a little too grindy for my tastes. You have to spam levels to earn enough 'C' to do anything... to the point of being frustratingly slow. Even Last Stand doesn't give much (seems to give mostly 'C' at about 10/40 waves defeated) with a small amount of skill points and no UP rewarded... although it is a good way to farm achieves.
I'm not sure it quite rates a 4, but I feel like a 3 might be too low given the depth of the upgrade system. This is a tough call for me, but considering the upgrade system and the general depth of the mechs themselves I will give it a 4/5. I really think a few simple things could improve the game vastly (including adding a 'C' counter during missions so you don't try clicking the icons at the bottom with no idea what 'C' is and spend on something you don't want.)

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