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Rating: 4.07/5 - 74764 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, RPG

In this top-down RPG/Defense game, you control a battalion of heroes whose task is to stop wave after wave of free-moving and cooperative monsters. Gameplay is real-time, tactical, and intense. But, you will also have to succeed strategically, selecting a battalion of up to 3 heroes from a possible 7, and growing their attributes and abilities effectively.

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#41 keithygeorge917 2015-10-17 13:33
Game is decent as previously noted the units are small and graphics relatively weak but its different fun and engaging.

HOWEVER ads bloody gosh darn adds after every level have to put up with two and sometimes three video advertisements of the same stuff over and over it completely ruins the game.

well done you greedy individual all that effort and you ruin your own game with invasive advertising.
#40 hwthecutter 2015-04-18 04:46
i like this game, maybe you can launch the offline game on dvd release. :D
or please select option to buy the keystone :lol:
+3 #39 jpankako 2014-05-06 11:57
First the negatives since there aren't many: the game display is pitifully small and graphics are weak.

Then the positives: I simply love this game, keep coming back to play this over and over again - for a reason. The advanced levels are extremely challenging and mastering the AI modes at each stage of the game, with different team combos, is likely most difficult I've ever come across in a flash game. Getting to the end requires endless replays and even after that, AI continues to surprise with new tricks and obstacles.

The blank battle bug that erases your progress still exists - and is _rather_ annoying when you've spent tens of hours training your heroes. Even though - clearly one of the best games at AOG.
+1 #38 jgassoo 2013-07-19 14:42
Free keystones - play level 1 and kill all to get 3 keystones, then play same level again and let 1 enemy pass to receive only 1 keystone. Play it again and kill all to get 3 keystones and you will gain 2 keystones.
-4 #37 jgassoo 2013-07-19 05:13
- Under rated comment - (show)
-3 #36 jgassoo 2013-07-19 05:12
- Under rated comment - (show)
+1 #35 jgassoo 2013-07-18 09:42
The game does not have those bugs or problems about save fail. Good game.
#34 SANGOKUTR 2013-05-23 20:17
!blank battle ( no characters ) and reset forced of my saved games!
Same thing than mwalson said. But it happened 2 times for me.
One time I clicked on the menu et I had no saved game.
The second time I refreshed the web screen and I lost my game.
(what could I do?! Nothing but to lose all)
+1 #33 mwalson 2013-01-21 15:18
After 2 days of game play, the same bug hit me. I tried replaying a level and it loaded me into a blank battle ( no characters ). 'Retry' button didn't work, but 'Main Menu' did, so I tried going to that. The game I have been playing over 2 days was gone. Until this gets fixed, or there is a way to backup your saved progress, this will most likely be your fate too.
+1 #32 mwalson 2013-01-20 19:25
I just lost hours of gameplay when the game loaded me into a blank battle. I hit the back button to reload the game and my save game slot with all the progress was gone.

I really hate how this game forces you to overwrite your saves. You should be able to save multiple versions of the same game, otherwise if you turn your head when the battle ends and don't realize you lost a hero, you are out of luck.

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