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Rating: 1.93/5 - 5815 Plays
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Genre: Racing

Become a knight and fight in glorious tournaments ... on the motorcycle!



Up/Down - Steer Left/Right - Balance Spacebar - Accelerate Shift - Reverse (Warning: Painfully slow)



#3 MisterD 2013-12-07 09:25
A game with 80-style graphics and matching beep-beep style music. Looks and plays like it's just come out of a time warp. I won't be back!

#2 earth 2013-07-08 19:55
might been ok game 30 years ago but today its crap, goal is to beat opponents and that can be done easily since no any kind of time etc limits, tracks are crappy and not hitting to stalagmites is difficult, crappy graphics and sounds and music.

overall another crappy game which should have never seen daylight.
#1 Jairone 2013-07-08 11:05
What in the world?
Ok, this isn't even a racing game (no time limit and no penalty for going slow, it seems, other than not wining speed.)
It's a collect a bunch of two icons and don't run over bad stuff game with a win/lose event between.

1/5. So very dull.

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