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Rating: 3.20/5 - 3625 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle, Platform

Transmorpher 3 is a puzzle platformer game where you play as a shape-shifting creature. Explore an alien Pyramid and absorb various creatures try to reach each exit and escape. You can use forms and abilities of absorbed creatures to pass various game levels, solve simple and interesting puzzles.



Mouse or Keys. 1,2,3 to mutate.




#5 jpankako 2015-12-14 06:46
Well executed puzzle solver - the shape-shifting element adds playability to what would otherwise be a very common game. Not enjoyable enough to keep occupied through all the levels, but good enough fun - as long as you don't wonder into the walkthrough videos that show how the game is _really_ played. ;)
#4 MisterD 2015-04-15 20:55
An above average puzzle platform game that plays well and has enough to keep you interested well into the game. The graphics are good and the whole thing is well done.

Definitely worth playing!

+1 #3 DMs choice 2015-04-12 08:36
Nice and well-made puzzle platformer (I feel a bit reminded of The Lost Vikings - does anyone still know that one?).
Anyways, it has some very challenging levels, bordering on the frustrating (especially those which require timing and reaction).
I didn't play it all through and gave up at level 29, which I declared as "impossible" :cry:
Until then, it was fun and definitely above average.
#2 earth 2015-04-11 19:44
nice platform puzzler although some levels are annoying, nice candy graphics and decent rest.

overall nice game although some levels are bit annoying to target audience.
#1 fergusferret 2015-04-11 15:01
nice simple puzzle game with 3 characters you can morph into. lots of challenging bits for the younger players and a few of the older ones as well I suspect :P


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