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Rating: 3.87/5 - 21708 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle RPG

Destroy the Orc camps in this very addictive "Puzzle RPG".





AOG achievements in PuzzleLineRpg - A tale about Sir Gilbert

Orcs camp (easy)
(10 AOG points)
Destroy the orc camp.
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#11 DMC 2016-03-29 02:10
Nice little puzzle game, definitely enjoyable to play. I completed all 18 chapters fairly quickly. I don't like how the last 2 chapters are reserved for supporters but hey, that's life right? Anyway, I give this game a solid 4/5
#10 Loki Wytehart 2015-04-15 23:24
While not an rpg (I know it's been mentioned), all in all not a bad time killer.
#9 MisterD 2014-09-26 21:54
Finally completed the end level :-)

I had to use pen and paper to help out and calculate the winning sequence, but it is possible to get a perfect run through and kill the boss.
#8 MisterD 2014-09-23 20:08
As the others have said this is definitely a puzzle game, not really an RPG game.

The overall gameplay is well done, once you understand that the key problem is finding the perfect sequence to get across the screen. You have to understand the way the different blocks work and how upgrades change the characters attributes.

The one gripe I have is that you have to scroll across to see the path ahead - that's just annoying.

Overall, not bad at all.

#7 DMs choice 2014-09-18 20:33
Two things which I think would be helpful:
1. Special structures on forest tiles should be clearer visible (as already mentioned by Jairone), maybe displayed in front of the trees, not behind.
2. A level preview would be nice. I imagine a little pop-up when moving the mouse over Sir Gilberts stats which displays his stats for his next level.
#6 earth 2014-09-17 20:16
yep, needs to be finished during 1 session or re-playing levels passed again (and then gets really repetitive).
#5 DMs choice 2014-09-17 08:25
Very clever and - I think - one-of-a-kind puzzle game (not RPG, as previously stated). Might become a bit repetitive after a while. I'll have to test that out and stall my final rating until then. But so far, it will definitely fall somwhere between 3 and 4 stars at least.
I hope for something else than orcs still to come ;-)
Hm, archer enemies which can attack over several tiles away could be an interesting challenge. Let's see if we get some.
#4 Jairone 2014-09-16 22:18
Not a bad puzzle game, although there are a few flaws.
As stated it does not meet with the rpg category... it could however be called a fantasy puzzle game.
The good is that things are, for the most part, well explained. It works nicely when everything is put together, and it doesn't focus too long on any 1 tile type.
The bad:
1. Some tile icons are hard to distinguish. This especially becomes a burden when the forest icons are hiding the springs.
2. The logic of a beneficial tile not allowing rest works game wise, but it simply doesn't make very much sense otherwise. This is a bit of a nitpick from me!
3. The xp. Xp has several issues, including not carrying over in early levels (later levels your partial level of xp does carry over,) and losing xp if you kill something which puts you at more xp than needed to level (ie. if you need 40, kill something worth 100, you lose 60 as you merely level and are at 0.) That irks me, even though it becomes apparent that it is intended to ensure a single solution to the last level.
In other words, most of the big bad parts of the game are really focused around things which work mechanic wise in game, but don't work so much for a player who thinks about what is happening.

3/5. It does a nice job of being a puzzle game and working properly, but the 4th wall effect makes it less fun for me... which is what really matters in the end!
#3 earth 2014-09-16 20:51
nice game otherwise but it gets somewhat boring since after easy levels game becomes trial and error and that leads to player repeating same level multiple times, quite easy to play, nice graphs etc, text could be easier to read.

overall nice game but can get boring since player neeeds to replay levels over and over again to find out right combination of blocks and then repeat that on next level. also if game needs to be finished with 1 session then not good.

also game screen is too small since on level 8 all blocks aren't in screen fully (no idea after that since I got enuf after lvl 7).
#2 MisterD 2014-09-16 20:41
I haven't completed it all yet, but at least the AOG achievements are working correctly on this game.


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