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Rating: 1.88/5 - 2701 Plays
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Genre: Action, Platform

When MonsterBoss attacks, there is only one canine that can stop him – GUNFOX! However, before the menace can be dealt with GUNFOX has to make it through 30 levels of action-packed, platform/shooter gameplay. Good thing he has countless upgrades at his disposal!



Arrows: Move; Down: Slide; Z: Jump; X: Shoot; Space: Bomb




#3 fergusferret 2014-07-02 22:10
seriously bugged when played on a mac so this gets less than a mark it could have got had the developer taken time to sort all the bugs and made all the keys adaptable for all players.

#2 DMs choice 2014-07-02 13:29
Jump: Z
Shoot: X
My keyboard type: QWERTZ
My number of hands: less than 3
Customizable keys: nope!

Shouldn't game developers know that there are keyboard types other than QWERTY?! It's almost as if they don't want their games to be played in certain countries -.-
#1 earth 2014-07-01 21:28
nice shooter otherwise but money is scarce and apparently only way to get to buy something is to die (and that happens on stage 5 if not sooner), bit complcated contrrols and crappy gun, lots of upgrades (needs money and alot to get those) but if chooses 1 branch then other branch isn't available even if has money to buy it so player needs to be careful when choosing upgrades, nice graphics with decent sounds and nice music.

overall nice game but also bit stupid due shop is accessible onnly via death and player moves from stage 1 to 5 until has bought enuf upgrades (takes alot tiiiiiiiiiiime) and can defeat boss (no idea what happens after that, maybe game ends).

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