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After 3 items your price will be minimal
Discussion started by Megaomgchen , on 07 August 12:08 AM

This subreddit acts as if people die with No means of escaping left and right in OSRS

I've been reading a lot articles and comments and I'm under the belief that OSRS has some sort of RNG based program or so there is a 50/50 chance roll that can immediately kill you. Lots of people probably have not even read the blogpost because the quantity of misinformation in these threads is shocking. No, players that are new will not have to get a bond to get their items back, no it won't cost 500k not 100k, for every death.

After 3 items your price will be minimal. You perish and if you are in worth of gear, you should pay 500k because, let us face it, you made a mistake and you ought to be punished for this. I mean how difficult is it to teleport out? The 300k of zulrah price after 20 deaths? So you're telling us that you expired 20 occasions and did not teleport outside? That is on you. As of dying is thought to be a strategy to suicide supplies to your bosses.

I cannot talk about other people but I am the type of player who arrived back due to nostalgia in my adolescent years, 23 right now, and have no time other than while I'm conmuting to play, not certain if I am part of that unwanted demographic.You're only part of this"undesirable demographic" in case you believe RuneScape should be balanced through your schedule. Then that is fine, if you understand that people with more hours will progress faster and further. It's this idea that people with 20 mintues of time per day should have RuneScape catered to them that is unwanted.

I am not entitled enough to think that RuneScape should be balanced around me, not by any stretch of the imagination, I simply didn't enjoy that much of an idea that us players are tagged with such negative connotations. I'm with you I don't think being a portable player. I see people on this sub constantly that do feel qualified enough to believe the match ought to be balanced around them and they are the problem.From what I have managed to see at the past couple months is that if there's people who want lets say, a QoL upgrade or attribute there comes out a group of elitist's who whine that RuneScape is being made easier and simpler, which is sort of true, for example dropping stuff, on mobile it's really effective and even on computer I think its click and shift. I believe as though it was game breaking an ex mod believed of the attribute.


More RuneScape gold information on https://www.winrsgold.com/

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